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Leave marriage term to churches
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
While I am not opposed to marriage in of itself, I honestly do agree with Dennis Wyatt about having everyone entering a domestic partnership (gay and straight alike) and leave the term “marriage” for churches.

I am straight myself and been with my significant other for three years now. We have no immediate plans to get hitched but we are both averse to the term “marriage.” To be legally tied to someone else for the rest of one’s life is a major decision that should not be thrown about lightly. We all have the choice to be with whoever we want to be with. That is a right that we have living in the country that we do. Just think, we could be a country that we could be arrested, tortured and/ or killed for being different in any way. Oh, wait a minute, people are still killed in this country for being different. Just take some time out and think before you judge or hate because someone is different than you. Someone is thinking the same about you and might just be waiting for the right moment to do something about it.

On the whole, gay and lesbians are decent people wanting to make a living and have a family like the rest of us. I have had the opportunity to work with a couple of lesbians (not a couple) and I liked being around them. They have taught me to be a little more tolerant of others.
Stephanie Barnard
June 3, 2009