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Leaving your excrement is truly without class
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read your article on the vandalism of the East Union campus, I believe you called it “classless”.  

If you’re ever in need of another vandalism topic, stop by our Sierra campus and take a look at the fecal matter (belonging to your beloved East Union students) residing inside the mouth of a wolf statue we have.  The next time you feel the need to be anti-Sierra, at least check your facts first. 

You are correct about one thing, however, we are furious toward the East Union students, which I’m sure is why whoever vandalized their campus did so.  

I do believe the rivalries should be friendly also, but leaving your excrement around is truly without class.  I apologize for the fact that you are obviously ill-informed, or just ignorant to who the real perpetrators are.  I possess strong hope that the students of East Union will refrain from their infantile antics, and that whoever the culprit is, not only from East Union, but Sierra as well learns not to do it again.

Matthew Manetti
Oct. 8, 2010