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Leo Zuber for Ripon City Council
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It has been my pleasure to have worked with Leo Zuber in many capacities, but especially Ripon Arts League Board of Directors as well as Ripon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Leo is a dedicated, hard working member of both Boards.  He is a staunch supporter of what is right and fair, even though it might not be the popular road to take.  When making decisions vital to the Board, he reviews all sides of an issue, often asking the hard questions to make sure the action is worthy of support.   He takes the same approach as a member of the City Council.  He is very thorough in his collection of information about matters considered by the Council.  He also asks the right questions at the right time to make sure Council decisions are in the best interests of Ripon and its residents. 
As you fill out your mail-in ballot or go to the polls on November 8th, please vote for Leo Zuber for Ripon City Council.  Vote to return the man who will ask the right questions to our City Council and make decisions that are in our best interests... 

Marge Imfeld