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Leroy Ornellas has proven he is responsive to people
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,


Have you always been served by your public officials?

We have had both success and failure.

Through our own experience, we can cite unequivocally, that one public servant over the past nine years in this County has come through 100% of the time in dealing with various public issues that have directly impacted our farms and commercial businesses.

That official, in his capacity as San Joaquin County Supervisor, is Leroy Ornellas.

One reason why we admire Leroy Ornellas is that he actually returns your phone calls and responds to your letters.  He listens to the problems of farmers, business owners, and the average citizen.  Should he be elected to the state senate, Supervisor Ornellas has vowed that he will guard against abuses from state agencies that are killing our farmers and small businesses.  Overall, he is willing to stand up for his constituents no matter the political consequences. Therefore, Supervisor Ornellas is truly the local candidate we need in Sacramento.

It is our hope that you will support his campaign for election for state senator this Tuesday.

Bill and Lucille Harris
May 31, 2012