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Lets not bicker over who killed the butler
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Apparently, my last letter on the Global Warming issue (Ignorance not a good way to deal with risk) which was in response to a previous letter on the same subject by Scott McComas, (Greenhouse gas: Junk science or jobs?) did not sit well with Mr. McComas, because he answered that with this one on Friday (A different look at ‘global warming’) which wasn’t really a different look at all, well maybe it was different in the way most people look at it.

I really don’t think Mr. McComas is all that interested in Global Warming per se, it is clear his real agenda is to blame Democrats for something, anything. Right now, this will do just fine. This is clearly shown in his last paragraph, blaming Democrats and environmentalists for Global Warming scare tactics and of course the economy. Democrats using scare tactics? Can’t the right wing whacko’s sue for trademark infringement rights on that? I thought Scare Tactics was synonymous with the fringe?

McComas asks how I can “claim to be an expert” on global warming. I don’t remember claiming to be an expert on anything and I can tell you right now, I am not. Just ask my wife. In fact until just recently, I was under the impression that Global Warming was caused by the increase of the popularity of jalapeno peppers. Besides, I thought Mr. McComas was the expert here. One would certainly think so with all his talk about CO2 and H2O heat transfer ratios, thermodynamics and functors expressible in the polymorphic typed lambda calculus. OK the last part wasn’t part of his lecture but it might as well have been. Most people just skipped most of it anyway. But I must admit he presents a convincing argument...unhampered as he is by facts and information.

For example, McComas claims CO2 does not trap heat. That is patently false. There is plenty of evidence that CO2 does indeed trap heat. As I understand it, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide for those of you who fell asleep reading the last McComas letter) is more or less transparent to solar radiation coming from the Sun but it blocks thermal radiation coming from the earth. So CO2 allows solar radiation to pass through and warm the earth’s surface, the earth’s surface bounces some of this energy back to space but some of this energy is absorbed or bounced back to the earth’s surface by the CO2 which heats the surface even more, hence the dreaded “Greenhouse Effect”. That’s about all I need to know about the effect of CO2 on global warming.

Too much CO2 is not a good thing as McComas tried to claim in his previous letter and that was the point of my argument, forget all the mumbo jumbo about the history of the planet, I am not interested in any of that, what I am interested in is, the future of the planet and what we can do now to help.

I am not interested in blaming the Republicans’ the Democrats or Attila the Hun. Global warming is as serious as a heart attack so let’s not bicker over who killed the butler, at this point we need to figure out how to clean up our own mess.
Larry Baca
July 31, 2009