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Lets treat domestic workers better
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was one of those that attended the meeting a few weeks ago at the library with Representative McNerney.  

Rep. McNerney did a good job of side stepping when answering questions from the audience.  For example, when asked if he could honestly say that he had actually read all 2000 plus pages of the Health Care bill his response was that flying back and forth to Washington he had plenty of time to read on the six hour flights.

He did not say that he had read the bill.

When he was asked why he voted for the bill with all the pork (payoffs), he replied he did not find any pork in the bill.  Again he avoided answering the question.

 When asked why did not vote the way his constituents wanted, he replied that there are constituents who are for the bill and those who are against it and he has his own agenda.

He professes that one of his main interests is helping the veterans and the media bears this out.  Why then  did he vote to deny the pay raise in Social Security for at least two years and a cut in Medicare benefits when  I’m sure that a substantial percentage of those are veterans?

Social Security recipients will get over a $10,000 cut in pay and benefits while Congress voted themselves over  a $5,000 a year pay raise.  Yes I did read that McNerney donated the raise to charity but he still voted for the pay raise.

 And by the way, Social Security at first was voluntary and meant only for those that paid into

The program and the monies were not to be used for the general fund.  Guess what?  Our wonderful Congress voted to change that and put the monies into the general fund where they use it for they want and now tell us SS is broke.  They also allow immigrants to immediately get Supplemental Social Income even though they didn’t contribute.

What are the criteria for receiving SSI and how is the amount determined?

 Also as a proponent for veterans and a representative for Americans why did he nor his attending staff not know that the American flags hanging around the table where he sat were not displayed properly.  Those attending veterans  certainly knew the proper way.

 It appears that those in Washington who were elected to represent us and uphold the laws are breaking the law with such crimes as bribery.  It’s a shame that to get anything accomplished in DC one has to become corrupt.

In his campaign Obama said we need change.  I certainly agree it’s time that we the people make changes.  We need to fire those lawbreaking and corrupt congressmen in DC.  And while we are at it we should include the state legislatures.

T. Galloway Sr.
Jan. 9. 2010