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Letter writers embrace Trump
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Two letters in the Dec. 9  “Your Views” section scream for a rebuttal. (ISIS Terrorists in America) by Frank Aquila and (Your gun will respond quicker) by Dale Burnham. The thinly veiled xenophobic rhetoric on Muslims from both writers forces me to believe both are in total agreement with the recent stance taken by Donald Trump on Muslim immigration, which would be none at all. Like Raphael Cruz (Ted to you who don’t know his real name), they both skirt around admitting their full Trump support. 

Cruz is after the same voters who support Trump so he is not going to criticize Trump, saying simply “The world doesn’t need my voice added to the media assault on Mr. Trump”. However, just last night, Cruz was caught with his pants down (Remember the 47% remarks that brought down Romney?). Not realizing the mic was on at a private fundraiser, Cruz sharply criticized both Trump and Carson, then the next day trying in vain to walk that all back when confronted. It should make for an interesting debate on Tuesday. 

Aquila asks why President Obama is not taking ISIL seriously and not doing more bombing since Russia and France have found ISIL targets which have apparently escaped American Coalition bombing, forgetting to mention France is a Coalition partner and Russia bombs anything not related to the Syrian government. The Coalition has logged over 5,000 air strikes in the last six months. I would say that’s taking ISIL seriously, wouldn’t you? Guess Aquila wants more, maybe like Cruz, who wants to carpet bomb until the sand turns to glass (His words).

Aquila tries in vain once more to spread a little more fear about President Obama’s intention to bring over the Muslim hoards to kill us all by stating such untruths as these “Thousands” of Muslim immigrants having “ documentation”. Really? Do you have a viable source to back up your claims? Yes? Then why didn’t you list them? And of course why not add Sharia Law to the mix, that is always good for a point or two on the scare meter. 

Aquila rounds things off by talking about how people on the “watch” and “no-fly” lists can still purchase weapons legally. This is true, however Aquila conveniently forgets to mention how it is the NRA controlled GOP that has blocked any efforts to close that loophole. 

Now what would any anti Obama/Clinton effort be without mentioning Benghazi? You know, that little item that has been investigated countless times by the GOP finding nothing to blame Obama or Clinton. He forgot to mention that part didn’t he?

Burnham claims these immigrants are vetted by the Syrian Government. Really? The very Government Obama is trying to overthrow? We should let them do our vetting? Yeah, that should work out...Not to be outdone on the fear meter, Burnham mixes up a little bowl of his own fear tactics by claiming the number one issue in the world is not Climate Change but Terrorism, chastising Gov. Brown for attending a Climate Change world meeting in France. Really? Must have been a family poll of his because the last time I checked the real polls, Climate Change was right up there as numero uno. Don’t take my word for it, just Google it yourself.

Burnham displays his views on Homosexuality when listing possible U.S. ISIL targets by referring to San Francisco as “..the Sodom of the West..” Wonder what he would say if some of these Muslim immigrants were gay? Wonder if either one of these guys know that 40% of Muslims are also white.

Now neither one of these guys have a solution to the terrorist problem other than supporting Mr. Trump in an all-out ban on Muslim immigration and turning the desert sand into glass a la Raphael Cruz. Burnham does have one solution, more guns. Yeah, that’s what we need, more guns. In a country where there are enough guns for every man woman and child, yeah, more guns should do it.


Larry Baca