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Levee fee will make homes unaffordable
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Affordable homes in the flood zone is a myth in Manteca. The $3,145 proposed new assessment fee added to taxes, fees and other assessments would render these homes out of reach for most Manteca home buyers. This new scheme proposed by the council is nothing less than allowing this city to be blackmailed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

 It also gives developers a free ride at the taxpayers’ expense. Assessments are just another word for increased taxation. Mello Roos is a tax that will be levied on new homes to increase taxes on these new homes.   

I know that assessments on homes can’t be collected until they are bought, so this slow process won’t pay for the state process.

 It would appear that this council has placed residents secondary to special interests demands once again. The people have always been considered as secondary in spending by this council. As representatives they fall short in their sworn obligation to the residents. I think the levee project should be abandoned and we should refuse to comply with Governor Brown’s blackmail scheme. Instead we should focus on areas that need development. Sooner or later we have to go up in development for this council will soon exceed the growth cap till we have no more land to develop. 


I feel this city is being exploited, for developers know they can get this city to foot the bill for the levee project obligation because of cheaper land being available. The developers’ greatest asset in Manteca is the council that is ready and willing to give every dollar to them for their personal gain. This council can be termed as an easy mark for special interests.  .

Fleener Richards