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Life’s too short for Americans to fall into cycles of vitriol and hate
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

While averse to entering a tit-for-tat exchange over politics, I am compelled to respond to Sandra Ahrens questions/comments in last Friday’s opinion section.  Ahrens states, “I actually cry more days than not these days (truth) when I watch Trump speaking.”  

That just reinforces my point that liberal Democrats refuse to accept Donald Trump as America’s President.  They are still in a state of disbelief and worse, anger.  As a result, they focus all of their energy toward forcing him out of office.  In other words, they want a political coup.  Such disrespect and hatred, left unchecked, could ultimately undermine our Constitutional Republic.  While my opinion piece mentioned Trump’s name several times, it was simply to expose the “deep state” operatives in Obama’s executive branch, who collectively undertook a well-coordinated effort to undermine his presidency.

Ahrens conveniently ignored the exposed attempt to dislodge Trump from office and doesn’t even address the crisis on our Southern border.  Instead, she utilized the liberal Democrat playbook of deflection and shooting the messenger.  She derisively accused me of being close-minded, “in Trump Disneyland,” and clueless to how reviled Americans are worldwide.  Liberals always seem to resort to personal attacks when they have no facts to support their position; they merely rely on flaunting self-righteous feelings and emotions.  

I made no attempt to defend Trump’s character, veracity, or colorful language. It’s important, however, to point out the positive results of some of his policies.  Reducing federal regulations and lowering corporate/individual tax rates have resulted in a strong economy, rising wages, record low unemployment (including Black, Hispanic, female, and youth), and increased consumer confidence/spending.  Trump’s lifting of the military’s restrictive rules of engagement (imposed by Obama) has brought down the despicable ISIS Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.  He reinforced our strong commitment to Israel by moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem  — a move prior presidents promised but failed to do.  

Democrats incessantly accuse Trump of making poor economic decisions, divisive comments, and failed foreign policy.  Where were they when our economy floundered for 8 years under President Obama?  When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine through military force?  When Obama handed over billions in bribe money (some in cold cash by airplane) to secure the Iran nuclear deal? When Obama welcomed the parents of an Army deserter (traded for 5 dangerous Jihadists) into the White House Rose Garden?  When murderous ISIS rose from the ashes of Iraq’s vanquished Sunni sect?  Where were they when President Obama said, “They can come along with us, but they have to ride in the back.”  “The police acted stupidly.”  “Benghazi was the result of a video.”  “Tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after my reelection.”  “If you like your doctor/insurance, you can keep your doctor/insurance, period.”?  

Regarding the 9 questions Ahrens posed:

1. Yes, Trump promises healthcare for preexisting conditions.  Where’s your proof that he won’t?.

2. No, Mexico is not paying for “the wall.”  That was just a campaign slogan that no rational person believed in the first place, including most of those who elected him.  

3. In order to improve the nation’s infrastructure, Congress must first appropriate the necessary funds and they haven’t.  

4. This question suggests Trump ignores or condones the killing of journalists.  I won’t dignify that question with an answer.  

5. No, Trump didn’t always get the best people to occupy his cabinet but he’s getting better with his newly chosen replacements.  Did Obama always get the best people-Holder, Lynch, Brennan, Comey, Clapper?  

6. I haven’t kept count of the number of people who resigned in Trump’s administration, and don’t care.  7. I don’t care how Trump fired some of his subordinates.  Those that deserved firing (for lying or incompetence) got fired or resigned-examples Comey, Tillerson, Sessions, Flynn.  

8. I did not serve in the military.  I applied for the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs during my senior year in high school in Nevada.  I competed with a group of applicants at Travis Air Force Base, placed first in combined academic/athletic competition, and won the principal nomination and full scholarship award under Senator Alan Bible.  Unfortunately, I suffered an irreparable torn ACL playing football, and one week before I was to report, the Commandant of the Air Force Academy notified me by letter that he was rejecting my appointment and withdrawing my scholarship because of the knee injury.  I was subsequently given a 1Y classification while attending college and was never drafted.  

9. I agree that Trump is way out of line for attacking John McCain posthumously.

Hopefully, this adequately addresses the comments/questions posed by Sandra Ahrens.  Additionally, I hope she overcomes her sadness and anger over Trump’s Presidency.  Maybe the best way to bring happiness and calm to liberals these days would be for Democrats to nominate a worthwhile candidate with the potential to defeat Trump in the November, 2020 presidential election.  That’s a much better strategy than continuing to rail against him and the 63 million “deplorables” and “smelly Walmart shoppers” who they claim elected him.  Life’s too short for Americans to fall into cycles of vitriol and hate, depending on who occupies the Oval Office.  It’s best to think positively and be thankful for all the blessings we Americans possess.  Things are not nearly as bad as the Democrats and the complicit, agenda driven media want you to believe.

  Bob Teglia