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Likes being able to read different views
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to comment on Larry Baca’s comments to the editor where he states he detects a disturbing trend that the Bulletin seems to have taken since the demise of the Sun Post.

Larry thinks the Bulletin should have a duty to be a little more neutral than it has been lately.  I guess Larry doesn’t get enough of the Obama worship and outright lies and yellow journalism the leftists pass off as “neutral” news in the local and Bay Area fish wraps.

Larry also couldn’t pass up a chance to belittle Mr. Aquila’s recent letter to the paper re: NAMBLA.  But then, that is just one of the many ways those who follow the leftist line in regard to belittling and/or cutting someone down?

I commend the Bulletin and Dennis Wyatt for doing a great job in exactly what they are, a small town newspaper which allows the residents to voice their comments and offers a different view of events.

Keep up the good work, Dennis.
Al Barth
Oct. 21, 2009