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Lists reasons why he thinks Aquila’s letter was an April Fool’s Day joke
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For a minute or so, while reading the latest from our little Trump Worshiper about his perceived “Liberal lunacies”, I thought he was being serious but then I realized he submitted his letter on April Fool’s Day. I should have picked that up in the letter title when he brought up “lunacies”. After all, this is the same guy who worships the biggest lunatic on the planet, spitting out Twitter lunacies on an almost hourly basis.  

I verified this was an April Fool’s joke when he claimed Democrats, after having digested the Mueller Report had changed their tune on what they stated before the report was released.

After all, everyone knows the Mueller Report has not been released and the only people who have read the report is AG Robert Barr and probably White House Lawyers (Trump, of course doesn’t read). All anybody has of this, over 400 page report, is the AG four page summary. Which is amazing in its own right considering the AG was able to read and digest this 400 plus page report along with hundreds of hours of testimony and hundreds upon hundreds of supporting documentation in just 48 hours. This of course is not surprising considering that was exactly what he was hired to do, by Trump himself. After all, the AG applied for that position for that very reason. Now of course the AG refuses to release the full report to Congress or anybody else.

He added that if the AG was working to protect Trump, why wouldn’t “Mueller and his lawyers” go on CNN and demand action? Obviously our little friend thinks “Mueller and his lawyers” are just free to go on the talk show circuit and discuss their findings willy nilly… Sorry, little guy, it just doesn’t work that way. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. I know in this era of Trump, anything goes for you guys but there is something called the rule of law, Mueller is fully aware of those rules, even if Trump and his base have no idea.

Frank Aquila went on with:

1. Trump’s approval ratings climbed to 50% after the AG summary. The actual average approval rating from the 5 polls as of yesterday sits at 44.2% while the average disapproval rating sits at 51.8%.

2. Jessie Smollett had his charges dropped because he is friends with the Obamas. Was the judge, who actually dropped the charges a friend of the Obama’s, the prosecutor as well?

3. Democrats refuse to protect babies who survive an abortion. Babies survive abortions? That’s a new one on me.

4. CNN and MSNBC forgot to follow the Biden unwelcomed kissing/touching/smelling hair scandal. That’s a good one. That story is almost non-stop on all networks. Of course our little friend fails to comment on the 19 women who came forward against Trump. Not to mention the payments made to the Playboy model and strip dancer to keep them quite. And we all heard from Trump himself about what he does to women and it’s not rubbing noses and smelling their hair.

5. Democrats support illegal immigration. . . Once again seeking asylum is not illegal.

6. Democrats support legislation to remove firearms from law abiding citizens... Of course he fails to cite the legislation in question.

7. Democrats are anti-Semitic... Yet it was the Trump supporting White Nationalist in Charlottesville who chanted “Jews will not replace us”...

8. It was a liberal who killed 50 Muslims in New Zealand. Never mind the killers manifesto named Trump as his guiding light. He said he was a supporter of President Donald Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose,” and condemned nonwhite immigrants. Doesn’t sound like a lberal to me.

9. Thousands of Christians are murdered by Muslims each year. Hmmm... sounds like we have a manifesto in the making here.

Larry Baca