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Los Angeles needs to build desalinization plants
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Your column titled “Stockton may become Venice but at least LA gets water”, printed July 14, hits a nerve with me. I completely agree with your comments regarding the never ending LA water grab. 

I have always enjoyed visiting the Eastern Sierra, and every time I see Owens (Dry) Lake I wonder what it would look like if Fred Eaton, creator of the Los Angeles Water and Power Department, had not secured water rights by lying to farmers and landowners in 1905, and a Mr. Mulholland, had not built the aqueduct diverting the water to the LA basin. Add to it the beginning of their draining of Mono Lake in 1941, which was significantly reduced via a lawsuit in 1994. LAPWD still takes water (or diverts) from these natural resources.

It has always amazed me how there is never enough water to satisfy their needs, as they continue to “take” from the Colorado River, Our Delta, and many other resources. I have always been curious as to the cost difference between building and operating the water tunnels, and building and operating desalination plants in the southern region of our state. I would propose that LAWPD develop these desalination operations and let the local users pay for the construction and use. I understand that the residual salt can be sold for additional income. 

It is time the North State protect the water resources we have, and stand against the politicians who want to continue to waste our tax monies to satisfy the never ending water wants of the Southern State. 

And don’t get me started on the choo-choo train issue!


Roy Balentine