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Mail theft continues unchecked
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Well they broke into the mail box in front of my house right under the street light.
 Last year we did not get six cash cards during the Christmas season worth $175 that thieves stole from the mailbox.
Who do we bother to call the post office or police?  They installed a cluster box on my street to help cut the labor cost.  There is a key to each mail box and one key to all the boxes to open front for mail man to deliver the mail. This can be fixed by design and is long overdue.  Do this or put the mailboxes back on the houses next to front door and let the homeowner be more involved with their mail.  There are also cars driving up to the cluster mailbox all night long to send mail.  This has become a bad situation that once was good for all.  It’s like putting a safe in the middle of a field with everybody’s money in it. 
There is an answer here and the police have enough to do with growth in this city so the US Postal Service needs to get going and re-design the cluster boxes and have an alert system if they are interested in cutting costs by using these middle of the block mail boxes.  Make them safe.

Lawrence W. Scrivner Jr.