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Main stream media fawns over Hillary
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

The nation watched for eleven hours the grilling of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton by the House Committee on Benghazi. The hearings were led by Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a former criminal prosecutor.

The main stream media has fawned all over Clinton for her endurance against such an event because they actually defend her! Yes! The media, responsible for truth and facts to the nation under their First Amendment charter actually support a congenital liar as described by the late New York Times columnist, William Safire. To note, the New York Times is not a conservative news organ!

On last night’s MSNBC debate, Senator Marco Rubio called the moderators on such bias when he named them, the “Real Super Pac” for the Democrat Party. The audience cheered and the very weak and pathetic moderators were now caught in front of America for the farce they were trying to thrust upon the nation as an unbiased, informational session of national concerns to all Americans. Rather, they attempted in every angle to denigrate and insult the intelligence of the candidates and the American viewers.

To assume we are all politically ignorant of issues and the Constitution is the basis of their quests to be King makers. Instead, if they are ever successful in their endeavor to become the Bolsheviks versus the Mensheviks, they would be the ones under the thumb of their progenies!

An American fantasy of many a baby-boomer was The Daily Planet with Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Mr. White who always sought, Truth, Justice and the American Way! Was that all erased from the code of the journalists? We seem to think it has! Time to return to the days of Superman, not Super-Pac men!

Lyle Hensley