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Make other cuts besides police force
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
We all know and understand there is a very serious financial problem within the county and state. We have all voted for people that we hope will get us through this very tough time ahead of us. But are they doing that right now? I read in the paper and see news each day saying that someone is being shot, stabbed, robbed or killed. Almost a day cannot go by without some kind of senseless crime to some innocent or maybe not so innocent people.

Today I read in the local paper that “Gang violence is on the increase.” Really? A no brainer if you ask me. I read and hear complaints that there are not enough cops to cover certain crimes. It seems the police force is a place where our leaders feel we can afford to make cuts.

I remember my parents used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Good words of wisdom I always thought. Our leaders are making the police force appear that they are overstaffed, overpaid people that are expendable. Not so. At least I don’t think so...They are people that on a daily basis do things and handle things that you and I could not and would not ever be able to do. They not only risk their lives on a daily basis...but don’t you think they also put their own families in danger as well? Just because of what they do and who may recognize them when they are supposed to be off duty and walking through a mall with their family?

We have to keep our police working and keeping crime in check. If we let the gangs grow the way they are, we will all be afraid to go out with our families.

Our leaders need to look someplace else to make cuts. Cut the street sweepers, I will sweep my own street. Forget about picking up the trash at the park. I will take it with me when I leave. We all may have to do things that we take for granted now. But we need to make sure our leaders know we want police protection, not reduction. We need to stay focused on public safety. If we don’t it will come back and bite us all.
Shaun Nelson
Weston Ranch
April 6, 2010