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Make parents, not schools, responsible for kids social lives
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I found the November 1st, front page story of “Meme” The Cookie Lady truly heartwarming.

However, my blood began to boil as I turned to page A8 for the rest of the story. There, photos of adorable children in Halloween costumes were featured. As well as the story of, “The entire student body gathered on a grassy area in front of the school office, following the traditional Halloween parade.”

In danger of being called a grouchy old spoil-sport, I must ask: do we send our children to school to learn or to party? Remember, it’s not just Halloween. There are celebration parties for Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas and lots of little ones’ birthdays, as well. Instead of condemning our teachers for the poor scholastic achievements of our children, could we ask parents to arrange parties after school hours, so the teacher’s time could be spent teaching? No increase of tax dollars will improve the scholastic achievements of students when school hours are spent partying rather than learning.

I don’t blame the teachers; it is the administrators who choose how to spend our tax dollars! We must make parents responsible for their children’s social lives and get rid of administrators who do not value our tax dollars! Education is what will ensure a strong American future. Thank a teacher today.

Mrs. Eddie Malley


Nov. 4, 2012