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Manteca Bowl management doesnt care
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In response to the letter by Mr. Lewis, I feel that he did not express all the trouble concerning Manteca Bowl & Family Fun Center.

When it first opened I could see an amazing potential of a bowling alley, where a family could go and enjoy their evenings. They had TV screens so one could watch the games as well as the arcade and batting cages for the kids. Now with the people who are running it, it has gone down a different path. They don’t seem to care if it has any bowlers. I doubt if there is but a few who even know who she is. If anyone tries to get to see Mrs. Raymus to talk to her, they are stopped by the management. Well, now it is long past the time for any of us to do anything unless Mrs. Raymus gets someone in there to run the place such as her children. They are business people and I am sure they could do a lot of good. If something isn’t done I am sure it will go out of business.

There is a rumor that they are closing down on Mondays. That may be good for they can take the savings and put the place back the way it was when Mr. Raymus was alive. I am sure he is rolling in his grave the way they are letting it run down. His plans to have a nice family restaurant are one example. It is now closed until night time. The snack bar cannot serve the kind of meals that were intended and it doesn’t seem that management cares to improve it.

There is but very few on the desk that greet and welcome the people. When something is said all one hears is “my hands are tied” as they are not running it. Well, I will repeat what Mr. Lewis said - bowlers are quitting and soon management will have the place to itself. Please, Mrs. Raymus, you have a beautiful building and a lot of people depending on enjoying themselves with bowling, etc. but you must get someone to manage it that knows what is happening. Thank you for your time.
Leroy McClair
March 16, 2009