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Manteca City Council made good call to keep fireworks at BLD
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I totally agree with the comments made by Ms. Michele Painter in her letter published on the editorial page Tuesday, May 3, 2016 regarding fireworks at Woodward Park.  

My wife for the last 30 years continue to be the owners and operators of the Sweet Horse Ranch on Tinnin Road.  We have a myriad of horses coming and going plus our own. Each year we dread the onset of the Independence Day celebration with its attendant illegal fireworks. We, like Ms. Painter spend the evening prior to July 4th, the evening of and the evening after out in the pastures babysitting our herd endeavoring to keep them calm owing to the assortment of illegal fireworks nearby. 

Also, like Ms. Painter we find it necessary to sequester our dogs and cats to the confines of our home.  A primary offender is one of our neighbors with whom I have asked to not use the illegal fireworks.  Our requests fall on deaf ears and they have continued for nearly 30 years. Last year it got so bad I reported it the Sheriff’s Department who are already overburden with real crime. .  . however two deputies did respond and while sympathetic informed us that without visual evidence they could do nothing other than speak with the neighbor which they did.  And no surprise .  . . the neighbor denied having detonated any fireworks. 

 I was quite dismayed with the City of Manteca’s staff recommendation (whoever staff is) that the city’s fireworks be moved to Woodward Park.  

First of all that would place the display fairly close to the east end of our ranch and add even more annoyance to our herd as our ranch is in view of the stadium lights used at the park....perhaps a half mile west of the park.  As it is each and every year on July 4th the residents adjacent and south of Woodward Park discharge a continuous barrage of illegal aerial fireworks which upset our herd.  It seems to me that if the City of Manteca was serious about identifying users of illegal fireworks the described area would  be “easy pickings”.  

 While on the subject I recall some years ago when the city launched the aerial fireworks display on or near the Calvary Community church on Lathrop Road.  As I recall this caused quite an upset and injury to a herd of goats on nearby property followed by some sort of litigation.  I don’t recall the details, however, the city ultimately relocated the display to a more neutral and safer location. 

 I can’t understand why anyone would think it could be a good idea to move the city’s sponsored fireworks Woodward Park and force the noise and attendant crowd and traffic on the Woodward Park neighbors who from my point of view already put up with enough intrusion on their privacy and peace.  We have easily enjoyed viewing the city sponsored aerial fireworks display easily from our ranch although we are probably two lineal miles distant. 

In respect to the city council I am pleased to see that they have made the correct decision for this year and elected to keep the aerial fireworks display at Big League Dreams park. Good call!


David Bricknell