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Manteca encourages illegal dumping
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Several weeks ago in the Bulletin, there was a lively discussion about the Solid Waste Division’s plan to eliminate the smallest brown container while at the same time increasing the monthly rate per household. I have, unfortunately, more bad news concerning that department, in case you aren’t aware of it already.
I’m planning on doing some pruning and yard clean-up now that the weather is improving, and had stopped off this afternoon at the Solid Waste Division to schedule the delivery of a 6 yard residential container.  I had rented the same size dumpster a few months ago for about $60. Imagine my surprise when I was told that the price had gone up ... to $258.51! In fact, the new fees for all 3 yard to 6 yard bins has increased by around $200.
When I asked why the rental fee had increased by over 400%, I was told that “The fee hasn’t been raised in the last 12 years”. I didn’t find that answer very satisfying.  And what I find really irritating, besides the outrageous price increase, is the amount itself,  $258.51, as if whomever arrived at this number sat down and carefully calculated the cost to the City down to nearest penny, rather than just pulling a number out of a hat which is more likely the approach that was taken. This is ridiculous.
But they didn’t stop there. Another newly added inconvenience is that now, rather than being able to add this fee to your monthly bill from the City, you now have to pay it up front. I used to consider the Solid Waste Division one of the real gems among Manteca’s public works departments, but unfortunately that changed today.
I wrote to the Mayor and the City Council members asking them to please review this outrageous fee increase, and to have the Solid Waste Division come up with a more reasonable fee schedule. One idea that comes to mind is to charge a different rate for green waste than for other materials since it can be recycled rather than added to our landfills.  But if the City’s intent is to encourage and guarantee illegal dumping around town and along our country roads, then I believe that the Solid Waste Division has stumbled upon a great new way to do just that.
Stephen Breacain