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Manteca farmers didnt wait to get OK
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The farmers that fixed the levee during the storm were courageous in their actions, not only for what they did but what they didn’t do.

The farmers didn’t wait for an approval process to fix what had to be done immediately. They didn’t wait to send their plan in to the Army Corps of Engineers to go through hearings and public debate. They didn’t wait and do a study and submit it for public approval and wait for a bunch of hippies to come out and protest them. They didn’t wait for some environmental group to give their feedback through the courts on how they think the area should revert back to a marsh. They didn’t ask the Federal and State governments for funds to do the job. They didn’t hesitate risking dangerous conditions and expensive equipment to save property and perhaps even lives.

They showcased the best of the American spirit. They are a lesson to every citizen on how to act in a community and do the right thing when it needs to be done without the bureaucrats and serial objectionists. The farmers gave their time, money and talent to protect us all at our time of need. It took courage to act and not wait for some government agency to do it for us or consider the ramifications. Without the farmers’ valor and common sense the outcome would have been much different. Thank you farmers!

Paul Schmitt