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Manteca firefighters at station 3 are the best
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
You really do not know the value of a rescue unit until you need them. When you need them, you pray they are the best. On April 27, I had to call 911 as my husband had fallen, unconscious, breathing erratically and bleeding from the mouth.

To the 911 operator goes my first thank you for keeping me calm and focused. I was so close to out-of-control hysterics, it was only your calm reassuring voice that kept me in control. You asked all the right questions and guided me with your clear cut instructions on what I needed to be doing to help my husband. Thank you for being so good at what you do. I needed you and you were there.

To the firemen at Station 3 on Louise Avenue, you are the best. Your response time was amazing. Each of you did your job with my husband’s welfare as your main priority. You asked all the right questions, made sure you knew all his medications, took extra precautions for neck injuries and very professional, respectful and kind. You could have stopped there and still had a rating of 10 but you didn’t. After seeing my husband was in the ambulance and on the way to the hospital, you came back and made sure I had a ride to the hospital and not driving myself.

People of Manteca, please take note they (firemen) did not stop here. April 27 was the day the big rain storm was coming in and my husband’s fall had broken our large front window. Knowing I would not have time to repair or seal it off before the storm, it was the firemen who took the extra time and seal off this window to prevent additional damage to our home from the storm. City of Manteca firemen at Station 3, you are the best. You went above and beyond and my family is truly grateful. Manteca, we have the best here in our Fire Department, let’s make sure we keep them.

Manteca Ambulance, you were also fantastic. You were efficient, quick, thorough and professional. Thanks for your professionalism and kindness shown to my family.

My neighbors on Manor Oak Place and my friends in Manteca, you are the best. You jumped right in and took care of our every need. Thanks from the entire Smith family for your love and friendship.

Thanks to the city and people of Manteca for hiring only the best because when something like this happens, believe me, you only want the best coming to your door.
Brenda Smith
May 24, 2010