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Manteca garbage rate hike excessive
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The garbage rate hike is excessive and some people are complaining about this increase. The rate of $10.89 is a bit high for people who don’t generate much garbage. Who came up with a rate increase of $10.89 and what justified this excessive rate increase?
The rate increase would be more realistic at half of the new rate. People realize that increases are necessary and nothing is permanent, but they don’t like to be shafted by an excessive rate increase. I switched to the smaller garbage can because I have very seldom filled it over half full. When I applied for a smaller can I was charged $16 for the new can, but I have been waiting for my container to be delivered and this city drags their feet on delivery.
 City service is inadequate and needs to be corrected. The city wants their money immediately but offers very slow service to the residents. They could care less how long it takes to deliver your new container. If you raise the rates on people then the service should be better to the people.

Fleener Richards