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Manteca has wonderful variety of good restaurants
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Regarding “Manteca is a joke when it comes to eating out” – I have found Manteca to have a wonderful variety of good to great restaurants. Isadore’s has been a family-run business in Manteca for over 20 years. The sophisticated atmosphere and menu are comparable to a Bay Area restaurant…always a treat, especially for family celebrations or Sunday brunch. There’s also a new upscale place I’ve already heard good things about but haven’t tried yet – Ernie’s.

There are lots of great ethnic places, too numerous to mention, such as Las Casuelas, New China and Yukimi. De Vega Brothers is great. Johnny’s has a full prime rib dinner Friday and Saturday nights for $9.99…fabulous! A little off the beaten path – Haven Acres (on the Delta) has all-you-can-eat taco Tuesdays and shrimp Fridays! Wow! And if you want to be spoiled go a few miles to Ripon to the Barnwood (family-operated for around 30 years by John Mangelos) for the monthly five-course gourmet wine dinner – you’ll feel like you’re on a cruise for the evening. We just recently discovered Weber’s BBQ and more – to die for! (They’ve been here five years.)

There are also many organizations that sponsor culinary events year-round at such locations as the FESM Hall, MRPS Hall and Senior Center…everything from crab feeds, spaghetti feeds to steak and oysters, etc. We recently attended a fantastic brunch and fashion show at the senior center and I see there’s a chili cook-off coming to the Historical Society on Jan. 10.

I’m so happy one of the highlights of living in both Ripon and Manteca for 24 years has been so many pleasant dining experiences. Most of these places and events have been advertised in the Bulletin.

Chris O’Connor


Jan. 3, 2013