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Manteca High is not going downhill
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,I would like to comment in reference to Fred Millner’s letter about the event that occurred with the two high school teachers from Manteca High School. He is using this isolated incident to put the school down, and make it as if they are going downhill. You are far from the truth. What these two teachers allegedly did, which I don’t condone, should have no reflection of how wonderful of a 2013 year the school has had, as well as one of the most respected high schools in the valley. Of course the press is going to exploit this incident because it involved teachers, it’s funny, because if it was two regular John Does, this would of never made the paper.
We have had many good people through the years come from our wonderful high school and it continues to progress on a yearly basis. Guys that are former students who went to Manteca High that went on to be community figures, like Councilman John Harris, principal and highly respected Manteca High Coach Steve Winters, and Mayor Carlon Perry. I, myself, am still part of the Old Geezers that attend all the football games, because the program is alive and well, thanks to the job that is being done by one of the most respected coaches in the valley, Eric Reis. My grandson is a student there, and his baseball coach is very well liked. David Asuncion continues to take the basketball team to newer heights. Our Academic Decathalon team just took second place, and our band and JROTC program are excellent programs. 
I am proud to be a graduate of Manteca High, my son and nephews all went there and were great athletes and students. My grandson is doing well there today due to the fine staff of teachers and coaches. Our principal, Frank Gonzales, is part of our family and is doing a great job being a leader of the school. Our football team instilled a sense of pride and integrity to our community. The Block “M” started by former standout Keith Jackson, brought many Alumni back to the field to support our green and white. It brought a town together to root on a school so rich in history and lore. I don’t feel your comment “downhill” can even come close to describe our proud school.
Yes, two teachers made a mistake on a night where drinking was involved, but let’s not forget they are human beings and people make mistakes, but let’s not let that characterize and symbolize how great Manteca High School really is. It represents tradition, loyalty, and a school that continues to climb “Upward.” Oh Hail to Manteca High!
John Aguilar Sr.Manteca High Graduate 1963Feb. 10, 2014