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Manteca is a joke when it comes to eating out
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I have lived here in Manteca for going on 15 years with no decent restaurants. The five McDonalds do not count. You can spin this anyway you want (and you sure do), but Manteca is a joke for eating out.

If you really want to do something for this town, bring something like a Farmer Boys to the Kohl’s shopping center. It is perfect - good consistent food, consistent service, and it is always a pleasant experience. Oh, and it is perfect for Manteca, since it has a drive thru.

There are actually some citizens here in Manteca that do not have kids, are not just going through this town. We live here. Gee, what a novel thought: having a sit-down, be-served kind of restaurant that is not completely geared to kids all the time.

This town does nothing for citizens. Those in charge are only concerned with those traveling on Highway 120 going somewhere else. We citizens would appreciate something for us, not just for those just passing through (this would include a decent grocery store too).


Dianna Gomez


Dec. 27, 2012