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Manteca loads up the back burner
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The City of Manteca’s back burner has received another customer — the long promised Northgate Park group picnic area renovation.
No money says the boss man running the park projects. The dog park apparently took care of that.
Another issue that is finally getting attention is the annual street pavement maintenance project which the Public Works Department has selected a few streets around town to work on with Powers Tract not being one of them.
Powers Tract has had no street work in over 30 years. The poor old Woodward Park area and the Sierra High School have had no street work in two years. Never mind the older sections of Manteca pay taxes just like Woodward Park and Sierra High.
This City Council is fast becoming the see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil council with Mayor Steve DeBrum as well as council members Richard Silverman and Mike Morowit being the three “evils.” If the Big Three spent less time attending social events around town then maybe they could earn their fat checks they are getting from taxpayers for being on the council and get some of the things done that are needed in Manteca.

Fred Millner