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Manteca man facing fine for fence
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
 On August 25, 2015 I got a citation in the mail along with several of my neighbors. Mine was for my front and side yard fences being 7 ½  foot tall and out of zoning code.
 I put the latticework up because I have a husky (Gypsy) that wants to play with everybody that walks by she has a 6 ½  foot plus vertical jump from a sitting position.
 And when people would walk by they would get startled by Gypsy looking like she was going over the fence so I put the latticework up. I also put it up between my neighbors’ backyards and ours.
 Also know that we were broken into with somebody coming over into our backyard over our side yard because there’s a 3-foot retaining wall that they stepped on and stepped into our backyard before we had these dogs.
 I explained all this to Greg Baird the code enforcement officer. He told me to look up the citation, pull down the latticework which is the front and the side yard and not the backyard and to restrain my dog with a chain or kennel or some sort of harness that would stop her from jumping. I told him that was not right. I also explained to him about the fact that we’ve been broken into. His response to that was the extra  1 ½  foot of lattice would not stop anybody from going into the backyard if they wanted to.
I explained in the fact it was a deterrent. He didn’t agree and told if I he did not pull it down I would get fined. So I pull down the front and the front side yard latticework down.
On Sept. 22 I had an administrative citation taped to the front door of my house. He apparently stood up on the retaining wall on my property taking pictures of our backyard according to my neighbor. Note if the lattice would of been up he would not of been able to take those pictures but I guess it still would’ve been a deterrent, right?
 This lattice work had been up for several years before I got cited. I  have lived in this house for 20 years.
 I don’t believe this is right.

 Dave Hendrix