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Manteca must follow Ripons lead on sanctuary state lawsuit issue
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Editor, Manteca City Council,
I am elated that Ripon City Council is deciding to challenge the States Sanctuary State status. I am further elated that Marie Evans letter subject “City of Manteca should buck Sacrament over Sanctuary state”. I fully support both. 
It is time that our elected officials that take the oath of office honor that oath seriously and adhere to it. If not, they should not seek any office that requires them to adhere to the Constitution. The fact that they do not like the President should not be a reason for them not  to acknowledge that the Constitution gives the President/Federal Government complete author over Immigration and enforcement. 
Manteca can join the other cities and counties by  supporting the Federal Government lawsuit against California. That is us. But, we did not draft the bill or have an opportunity to debate it or vote on the bill. It was introduced, passed in both chambers and signed into law by Moonbeam, Gov. Jerry Brown. Therefore, we should ignore the law and join other City Councils to rebuff those politician’s that has isolate us.  Our rights as citizens and Californians to participate have been abridge.
The fact that SB 450 and SB 54 were passed to protect illegal family members. In fact, SB 54 was introduced by Kevin De Leon that admitted that some of his family members are here illegally. The passage of SB 54 in effect protected his illegal family from deportation. That was a misuse of his office. And he should be recalled.
But, I encourage those that are campaigning to be a City Council member to decide now whether he/she will honor the oath of Office. I will not vote for any candidate that does not acknowledge that immigration is the responsibility of the Federal Government  and our borders should be secure.
Furthermore, I will campaign against those that do not support joining the Federal Government, Cities and Counties law suit against the State of California. The Constitution states “We the people to” meaning us citizens have a right to decide by voting for or against any bill that will harbor illegal immigration, make it unsafe, is unconstitutional. The reason we are dealing with illegal immigration is that the previous President did not adhere to the Constitution, hence. DACA If  President would have done his job by applying the Constitution we would not have this ongoing debate and rebellion by some states, California.
But, the politicians in California have their own agenda, and it is not to benefit us Citizens. Therefore, I support the Federal Government position to stop grants to the State of California. Its a paradox the state and cities, Oakland, San Francisco does not want to allow the Federal Government to enforce immigration but they want the Federal Government to continuing funding their program.
Again, the City Council should be part of the solution that moves us forward to one Country not a divided country, vote to join the Federal Government suit against the State, Jerry Brown, Ken de Leon and that divisive appointed California Attorney General.

Robert L. Fennell