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Manteca needs a Sizzlers restaurant
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read the many opinions in the Bulletin about individual tastes in proposed restaurants for this city. I remember the council hiring a consultant, to tell us what kind of restaurants this city needed that appealed to the majority. That was a number of years ago and nothing but repetitious fast food restaurants has been approved by this city and council.

 A large percentage of the people resonding want a healthy food inexpensive restaurant. It’s a proven fact that healthy food restaurants don’t stay in business very long. Many people remember Healthy Choice restaurants that have disappeared. Modesto had a Healthy Choice that closed down from lack of support.

People requested restaurants that are inexpensive.

Inexpensive, though, is out of the question for even fast food is expensive for families. There is no such thing as an inexpensive restaurant today with exceptions such as Denny’s. Try going to Red Lobster for an inexpensive lobster or seafood combination dinner. Dinner there will cost you at least $16 for an individual and add 15% tip to that price plus your drink. The fact is healthier restaurants buy their food from the same source as other restaurants. There is but one restaurant in existence today, that has a choice for every individuals taste in food — that would be Sizzlers. It is my favorite and well worth the trip to Modesto or Stockton. I have observed the eating habits of Manteca residents and they are strictly meat and potatoes kind of people and gorge themselves on large portions. They also like big gourmet hamburgers and fries and shrimp and chicken, washed down by beer and soda or raspberry or strawberry lemonade. That is why healthy food won’t survive in Manteca.

Johnny’s Restaurant is by far the best restaurant in this city, for quality food and prices. A few months ago, I saw the mayor and his wife dining at Johnny’s. Yes this is the restaurant of choice for seniors. I find most seniors like good food, but smaller quantities. This restaurant has good smaller food selections for seniors. I highly recommend this restaurant, they have an excellent menu.

As for restaurants in Manteca, marketing plays an important role in whether the business will survive in this competitive city. I think the best choice is a Sizzlers restaurant on the east side of the Highway 99 freeway.

This location would be an excellent choice for catching transit visitors to the Gold Country and providing locals with good food as well. No restaurant today, other than a buffet, has the choice of food that Sizzlers does.

People that requested restaurants in the Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley shopping center are way off base in thinking restaurant owners are stupid enough to risk thousands to base in an empty Mall.

Fleener Richards