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Manteca needs more traffic officers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Interesting column on Thursday noting that “Singh, Morowit get it: Manteca needs more traffic officers”. While I agree, and consider both gentlemen friends, it is important to note that I raised that very issue years ago, probably about the same time that the City Council laid off twelve police officers, including the gang unit, traffic officers, and others.
The need for improved public safety and traffic officers have been campaign topics for several election cycles, however like previous council members there has been little or no follow-through after the election by the current members. People are dying because traffic speeds are excessive, too many motorists are distracted, there is a lack of respect for pedestrians and bicyclists, motorists are too often entering intersections on a “Red”, worsening traffic congestion is driving impatient motorists, traffic lights are maintained based on moving traffic volumes instead of public safety, and so on. Frankly, anything short of a fully staffed, proactive enforcement traffic division (of 5 officers) as part of the police department is a poor response to this major and worsening problem.
Apparently the next election cycle has begun for the customary hollow promises are bubbling to the surface once again. Hopefully this time the community will measure the productivity of the incumbent council members and mayor by their actual deeds to “really” improve the quality of life, public safety and public service levels, rather than based on their attendance of events.
I think 12 years (three terms) is enough, it is time for change. Can we really afford another term of the same old nonresponsive leadership?

Benjamin Cantu