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Manteca needs stop sign at Edison & Dawn corner
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was wondering how much longer it is going to take the City of Manteca to put a stop sign on the corner of Edison Street and Dawn Drive, which is a very busy crossing for Shasta School students.

This crossing is right in front of the school and there is no crossing guard assigned to this corner. Every day small children are walking across busy Edison Street to get across from Dawn Drive and vice versa. There is no pedestrian crossing and drivers don’t even bother to slow down, and that includes some parents who have just dropped off or picked up their children from school. The closest pedestrian crossing is either across Powers Avenue across Edison, or at Lincoln Avenue across Edison which is quite some distance away. Please take note that a three-way stop sign is urgently needed before some child gets hit by a car. Even though this is within a school zone, drivers still drive 40 and 50 miles an hour.

P.S. Children also use the school grounds to play baseball during the baseball season.

Joseph Calleja
Aug. 11, 2011