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Manteca needs to dump CVB funding
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Manteca City Council certainly is generous when it comes to dishing out money.

The Manteca Convention and Visitors Bureau received an early Christmas present thanks to the pre-approved chitchat discussion with city staff and our “good ol’ boy” council.  A total of $135,630 in room tax receipts makes a nice gift. CVB Chairman Jack Snyder said that this is money that the CVB desperately needs for its operation, but Councilman Mike Morowit didn’t seem too enthused about this.

As usual, Councilman Rich Silverman had to wrestle with the issue, as he was worried about whether the city would get “bang for their buck.” Mayor Steve DeBrum spoke for 5 minutes just to make it look good to the public. Even a blind man could see that this issue was cut-and-dried – therefore all of the talk about money going out to the CVB was to fool the public. DeBrum, Silverman and Morowit all did a flip-flop and voted to give the money to the CVB. It was more fork-tongued talk by the Big Three. The only sensible vote on this issue was Debby Moorhead who voted no. Good job Councilwoman Morehead. Another gift is now going out to the Kiwanis Club for $2,295 for Pumpkin Fair costs. Money, money, money – it’s the name of the game. Any other social club or anyone needing money should contact DeBrum, Silverman and Morowit. Upon hearing the results of this issue Jack Snyder made a quick exit from the council chambers with a big smile on his face – knowing that he really snowballed city staff and the council. The CVB has been a thorn in the side of the city for years. Dump the CVB.

 Fred Milner