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Manteca needs to dump dog park idea
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Several members of the Manteca City Council continue to be worry warts.

Councilman Richard Silverman is worried about the dog park. He wants it now and not later.

As stated by the parks honcho Kevin Fant there’s not sufficient funding for the dog park at this time. Perhaps Silverman could donate his back yard for the dog park. He could totally be in charge of all the dogs.

Mayor Steve DeBrum and his left-hand man Councilman Vince Hernandez are worried about “dumpster divers” — people getting into donation bins seeking whatever good clothes or shoes they might find. They fear someone might fall inside and not be able to get out. Maybe DeBrum and Silverman could appoint several of their buddies from the water conservation committee to monitor the donation bins.

A previous letter by Fleener Richards pretty well sums it up when it comes to the dog park issue. Why spend $100,000 on something that is going to be constantly nipping at the budget? Better use for the money would be to spruce up fire station No. 1. The station is slowly deteriorating. A new roof is badly needed and numerous other things are needed as well and Silverman wants to spend $100,000 on a dog park. This is disgusting given all the things that are needed around town. Dump the dog park issue. Bury it. It should have been dumped years ago.

Fred Millner