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Manteca needs to stop sale of legal fireworks
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Legal fireworks: I wonder how many garages in Manteca have legal fireworks stored in a safe place and how many more owners can say they didn’t believe the fireworks were the cause of the fire.

The only thing good about the fire on Crestwood Avenue recently is that three children ages 7 to 18 were not in a second story bedroom as the firemen originally thought also that three pet dogs survived even though they were severely burned and one was hit by a car as he was running away from the fire.

When is the City of Manteca going to put a stop to the sale of these so-called legal fireworks? And that’s not to mention the ones that can bust your ear drums.

Let’s enjoy watching the fireworks display at the Big League Dream sports park and not across the street at folks’ homes who have zero consideration for their neighbors.

Les Webb