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Manteca not responsive to citizens on building permits
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is a complaint about City of Manteca permit request 10-497 which was applied for by Ross Fetter of Universal Pools for the purpose of installing my pool (here in Manteca). 95337. I believe this is over two weeks old (applied for on Monday, May 3, 2010)  and the only response given to Mr. Ross as he called to check on progress, was, “we are busy” or, we have 10 days (which has come and gone). Or in the case of yesterday) we (the city’s one-stop permit center) have to 5:30 and “stop calling”. As of this morning still no permit issued.

This request has already been approved by two departments and is waiting for planning (should be a simple procedure). It seems the surrounding cities of Modesto and Stockton (which have gone through the same cutbacks (another of your excuses) can turn these request around in 24 hours or even over the counter. Manteca, however, lacks that efficiency.

These are hard times and people are looking for work. The city is taking its sweet time in doing what is not a very difficult task, with an attitude of arrogance and indifference.  If you can’t do your job, give it to someone who can.  I can wait on my pool but this attitude by government is the very reason citizens are in an uproar. It is no longer about the pool but more about the city not being responsive to its citizens.
Stephen Tompkins
May 18, 2010