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Manteca should limit number of cars people can have
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My neighbors have started to collect cars. Not the kind you want to see like hot rods or collectables, but just general cars and trucks.

Recently they were up to seven cars parked on the driveway and in the street, and just yesterday and today, the collection grew to 8 cars, none parked in the garage. They now have cars parked in front of five  different houses, taking up much of the street parking in the area of our homes.

There should be a city ordinance limiting the number of cars people can have because my understanding is that currently, they can fill the whole street up and down with cars because there is nothing to stop them from doing so. The only thing that I am happy about is they have not been parking on the grass, but the least they could do for their neighbors would be to put two of the cars in the garage.

If this was a ranch home, it would be fine because there would be plenty of space around, but this is a residential community (Woodward Park), where there are not 1/4-mile gaps between homes.

Scott Vonhof
May 18, 2012