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Manteca trend: Blowing stop signs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’m glad you survived being bumped by a careless driver the other day. (Dennis Wyatt’s Aug. 18 column, “Bumped by a car jogging & not loving it”).  It could have been worse.
I’ve noticed a trend (four times in the last two months, if that qualifies as a trend) of young drivers apparently in their early 20s just driving through stop signs without even slowing down. They weren’t on their phones, and three were alone in the car. Two were male, two female. I guess a stop sign has become just a suggestion that they might want to consider stopping if it’s convenient for them. And these weren’t your typical slowing-down-and-rolling-through-the-intersection stops, but blowing through at speed. Three occurred as the drivers were rounding corners.
One young woman who drove through an intersection right in front of me on West Alameda Street did manage to look slightly and momentarily embarrassed when I glared at her, but another young male driver started yelling at me when I dared make eye contact with him. I guess I “disrespected” him. I do have to give one kid credit. He did look both ways as he sped through the intersection.
But I will not be discouraged. I will keep driving defensively, just on the off chance that I can survive long enough to one day witness a cop nail one of these morons. That will be a satisfying moment for sure — at least for me and the officer.

Stephen Breacain