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Manteca Unified also offers great programs
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As the mother of five children, I enjoy reading about what neat things different schools in the area do to help children learn. I was a little taken aback by the headline “Business Unusual” in Wednesday’s paper. It sounds like a fun program, but not exactly unique. 

Stella Brockman third-graders do a similar program called business day where the students create businesses and items to sell and have many days throughout the year when the businesses sell to the whole third grade. I am assuming that other schools have similar programs. It made me sad to see the words “these are educational activities and projects that can’t be found in any of the regular public schools in Manteca Unified.” This seems uninformed. I am proud of the many great teachers and programs we have at Manteca Unified as well as the charter schools. Let’s continue to celebrate the amazing things our kids, teachers, and parents do in a positive and accurate way!


Alice Johnson
Feb. 26, 2014