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Manteca Unified School candidate:
Not have established residence shouldnt be hindrance
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In response to Jason Campbell’s Sept. 4 article (“Board hopeful doesn’t live at address that he claims to live at” — Thursday, Sept. 4, Page A1) in this newspaper, I would like the opportunity to address the concerns over the legitimacy of my candidacy for the Manteca Unified Board of Education in the upcoming election. 

Being only recently returned to the area, it should come as no surprise that I don’t yet have a long established residence. This should not preclude my ability to run for elected office in Manteca.

My time with the Boys and Girls Club of Stockton was spent actively engaged in the betterment of our youth through education and recreation. I also recognized the dire importance of a quality and engaging school system for the students in our community while working there. I am asking for the opportunity to continue to contribute by helping to address all issues of concern in education to parents, staff, and students.

I humbly request that the citizens of Manteca consider my experience and passion for community involvement worthy of serious consideration as a viable candidate for the Manteca Unified Board of Education.


Alexander Bronson