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Manteca was tackling big projects but not things like street repairs, downtown
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I have noticed a rather large up-tick in articles in The Bulletin regarding problems we face as a city and the questions about how to best do the things that are necessary to address them.  You seem to question the possibilities of success in those endeavors and even those who have been elected to solve these long term problems.  My question is this; why were those concerns not brought up before the election? 

You have aptly brought up the issues that face our city — so many of those issues have been kicked down the road for others to deal with.  Maybe that is why we have a new mayor and new councilmen.  It was apparent to the electorate that things were getting done on a large scale, but things like street and road repairs and improving the downtown environment were not.  Those running the city seemed to be not very responsive to city residents concerns. I am hoping that those currently in office are more actively involved in making downtown more appealing and fixing our crumbling streets.  I also hope they are more willing to listen to and respond to the concerns of our residents.  How is it that Ripon can make their downtown a vibrant environment and we cannot?

I would also like to respond to Frank Aquila’s charge that Democrats are spiraling out of control.  He makes no mention of Trump’s saying that the government may be closed for month’s or even years if the Democrats do not fund a wall that has a snowball’s chance in hell of being funded.  Does any clear minded, intelligent person believe such a statement?  A president who gets his talking points from Fox Propaganda Network is what is “out of control.”  

Mr. Aquila says that Democrats are in favor of open borders so that they can secure a future block of voters.  Who would ever think that those escaping poverty, death threats, being called murders, rapists, gang-bangers and moochers wouldn’t want to become members of the party that calls them that?  They may be desperate, but they are not stupid.

Mr. Aquila talks about the socialist freebies that Democrats view as essential such as free junior college, health  care and childcare services.   When I went to college in California it cost me $109 per semester to take 15 units and another $100 or so for textbooks.  We had a student health office that took care of minor health issues.  This was before the lenders got the big idea that college students should be saddled with fifty to a hundred and thirty thousand dollars plus interest for a college education.   That was when you did not see little old ladies and men crying at the pharmacy because they could not afford their medicines, before some lost their homes due to bankruptcy over unaffordable life saving health care, and children were left at home alone because two working parents could not afford child care.  

Finally, Aquila moans about the business environment in the 6th, or is it the 7th, largest economy in the world which is California.  Some businesses leave for what they think are better tax benefits, but he says nothing of the many new businesses that take root here every year.  This horrible environment will soon be home to 50 million residents.  What do they know that Mr. Aquila does not.  I personally would rather live in California than any other state in the union. If it is getting so bad, why does Mr. Aquila continue to reside in the “golden state?”

Mike Killingsworth