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Mantecas new entrance already trashed
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I’ve lived in this area for now six years. I have not, nor recommended a home purchase in Manteca. After being very aware and informed of the landscape maintenance district in Union Ranch, I’ve had my feelers up. Now I just see city government wanting to expand and grow beyond their means. This city raves about acquiring federal and state grants yet meanwhile assets such as roads and sidewalks are failing.
I’d like to know why this Manteca city Council is so anxious to begin much development south of town when the project north of town is not complete. The Highway 99 Lathrop Road interchange is not yet landscaped. I’ll guess Caltrans must be responsible. Meanwhile who will take charge to see to it we are represented, such as the completion of projects? From the interchange down North Main Street to Northgate is built but not landscaped. It has 3-foot weeds in the center median. This is an entrance to our city not to mention, “It is brand new”.
My next vote for city council will be a person that will see projects to completion. They shall instill an attitude to managers of the city that all assets will be maintained. All assets have a useful life so either maintain it or scrap it. Bring us into the future. When you rebuild or bring downtown into the future, do it right. When you’ve done what is expected, then expand our city.

Robert Chapman