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Mantecas new homes must save water
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

More home building is being proposed. The Bulletin informed us recently that our water table is receding at a rapid rate, due to drought conditions that have prevailed for a number of years. It is beyond any comprehensible explanation as to why this city would approve more homes while we lack sufficient water for these homes.

The approval of more homes will drastically affect this city’s water supply. I remind anyone reading this, that it’s your water supply I am talking about protecting as well. I am 77 years old and I have been a resident of California for almost 58 years. I have been through many droughts in California. I attended a council meeting that featured a hydro engineer that was delivering results of his study on our water supply. He told the council that he could guarantee a plentiful supply of water for the next 20 years — over five years has transpired since that report was given. This was based on the growth rate at that time. It is apparent to me that this engineer’s report was inaccurate for our wells are receding rapidly.

Here is something for the city to consider for new homes: Require developers to contribute to the water conservation effort as well. I suggest a two-part plan for all new homes to be more compliant to water conservation. All new homes should be equipped with instant on demand water heaters. Currently every home in this valley is equipped with a water heater that is generally has a 50-gallon capacity. Every time the water goes below the set temperature, it draws more water in that needs heating. The instant on-demand heater comes on when the demand is needed and shuts off when it’s not.

This eliminates the huge demand of storing water and constantly pulling from the water source. The second suggestion was, to reroute water pipes through insulated walls, to avoid the rapid cooling effect that occurs by running plumbing through concrete. This would retain residual heating in water for a greater period of time. Every person owning a home has experienced long waiting periods for water.

Tank-less water heaters have been the principal appliance in Europe for years. It is a highly efficient alternative to the wasteful tank system.


Fleener J. Richards