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Mantecas Sizzler went belly up a few years back
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For the record, Manteca had a Sizzler, right on the spot at East Yosemite and Highway 99 proposed by Fleener Richards in his letter. It went belly up and was replaced by Perko’s and is currently the Black Bear restaurant. Perhaps they should try again, maybe in a different location. Anything’s better than another McDonalds, Taco Bell, or Starbucks. Even a ‘Seaweed On a Stick’ would be an improvement.

 On a totally different subject, I would like to see the Bulletin do a follow-up story on the freeway landscaping that went in a few years ago. Those are some of the scrawniest most miserable looking plants I’ve ever seen. It’s almost painful to look at them withering out there in the heat. Just who is responsible for caring for and watering that landscaping, and are they actually performing the service that they were no doubt paid a fortune to provide?

 One solution to the problem would be for the Mayor and City Council to enlist the local business community to support the freeway landscaping. If every fast junk food restaurant in Manteca adopted a single freeway plant, we would have an urban jungle to be proud of in no time at all.


Stephen Breacain