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May the force be with Trump
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After watching the news reports on the inauguration (I didn’t watch the live event since I had a much more pleasurable experience planned, I was having my eyeballs scooped out with a rusty Mellon Ball scooper) about the crowds, or lack of, on the parade route and later at the actual event.
 Videos and pictures were all over the news. Knowing how Trump loves ratings, I was not surprised when on the very next day, during a visit to CIA headquarters to what should have been a time to heal wounds after Trump’s attacks on the Intelligence community for reporting on the Russian hacking to attempt to influence the election in his favor (Calling the intelligence community “nothing short of shameful”) but instead used that time to complain about the media reports on crowd size. Trump claimed there were at least a million to a million and a half people attending the event, an actual number he had confused with the Obama Inauguration. We all know Trump loves self-adoration, he even brought his own cheering section to the CIA event just in case the intelligence folks didn’t applaud on cue, which was what actually happened. (Although Shean Spicer claimed the CIA people gave him a five-minute standing ovation), yeah, right...
That very day, White House press secretary Sean Spicer held a press briefing — except not really. Spicer delivered a statement blasting the media for allegedly underestimating the size of the crowds for the Inaugural event and took no questions. Spicer passed on at least 5 falsehoods including a claim that this was the largest crowd in attendance of any inauguration “period”. He then walked out of the room.
The next day, Kelly Ann Conway appeared on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. Todd asked Conway about the Spicer claim on the crowd size and why the President would intentionally send him out to do the very first Press Briefing and hone in on something so trivial as the inauguration crowd size and why he would allow such lies, (Todd called them falsehoods but we all know them as lies). After repeatedly asking that same question and Conway repeatedly ignoring the question with campaign talking points, she finally said the Press had their facts and the Administration had “alternative facts”. Todd replied that “alternative facts” were not real facts, “alternative facts” were falsehoods (lies).
Then in a meeting with Congressional Leaders, Trump once again doubled down on his campaign “alternative facts fest” about “millions” of illegals voting fraudulently. Trump just cannot accept the fact that he lost the popular vote by around 3 million or so. Trump said that was the only way he could have lost the popular vote. Then he sends out poor old Sean Spicer to once again back up yet another “alternative fact”. When pressed for viable proof of such massive fraudulent voting, all Spicer could come up were “some reports” that Trump said were given to him.
Thanks to Kelly Ann Conway, Sean Spicer and the entire Administration will now forever be known as the “Alternative Facts Administration”. Which I guess fits in nicely with an Alternative Universe, something we seem to be stuck in for at least four years. May the force be with you . . .

Larry Baca