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Maybe Aquila would like to shorten his title
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am sure I was not the only one who read with puzzled amusement, the letter published in the Your Views section on Thursday, Aug. 23, by Mr. Frank Aquila. (“Obama’s campaign of fear and smear”).

He has stepped into several heaps of GOP elephant dung, left there during the GOP Elephant Show.

*Misstep No. 1: Aquila warns of Obama’s “fear and smear” tactics then calmly goes on about spreading “fear and smear”. For example, “...Obama’s records and personal information has remained sealed.” A not so subtle reference to the old, worn out, dis-proven, allegations that Obama is not a “real citizen” because the fringe Right Wing refuses to accept the Birth Certificate Obama has provided and instead continue to believe his whole presidency was some kind of nefarious Communist plot to insert a Manchurian Candidate into the presidency.

*Misstep No. 2: “Ann Romney was accused of never holding a “Real Job” disrespecting mothers across America.”

This was not an allegation leveled by President Obama. It was attributed to a Democratic strategist. t is a wild stretch of the imagination that Ann Romney, with here fleet of Cadillacs and multiple service staffed filled homes, could be compared to the normal “..mothers across America.”

Misstep No. 3: “…Michelle Obama enjoys luxurious vacations at taxpayers’ expense.”

Really, and where did you pick up that bit of information? The Rush Limbaugh show?”

Misstep No. 4:

“Romney was accused of being a felon and not paying his taxes, while many of Obama’s advisers hadn’t  paid their taxes”. Nobody has charged that Romney is a felon, especially Obama. What they and many other Americans have asked is for Romney to release the same number of tax records his own father did when he was a candidate.

Misstep No. 5: “Obama’s campaign asserted that Romney would poison the air and water...”

That assertion also came from Rush Limbaugh, so much for that. “Obama’s Science Czar...suggested poisoning food and his book ‘Ecoscience’.”  Actually the book in question was a work by three different Authors on Population, Resources, Environment and does not suggest taking that path is planned by anyone.

Misstep No. 6: “...Obama suggested that Romney wants to destroy Medicare, Yet it is Obama who raided $716B from Medicare”.

This is a reference to the savings to Medicare Obama has suggested. The savings would come from the providers of Medicare. What Aquila fails to mention is the Ryan/Romney plan also wants to cut  about the same amount, only their plan will make the cuts to the precipitants of Medicare, in the form of cuts to services.

Misstep No. 7: “Obama’s team of thugs asserted that Romney was responsible for a woman dying of cancer...”

Did you catch that “thugs” description? Actually that refers to a political ad made by a supporting “SuperPac”. SuperPacs are something Romney has claimed he has no control over. Does not that apply to Obama then?

Aquila likes to sign himself off as “President of the South San Joaquin Republicans” then gives his official sounding email address which is actually just one of those free Yahoo accounts anyone can dream up. Not that he actually speaks for all South San Joaquin Republicans, at least I would hope not. Anyway, the ironic part to this rather lengthy official sounding title was, appearing just to the left of Aquila’s letter was a short list of famous quotes from George McGovern, one of them read: “The longer the title, the less important the job.” Maybe Aquila would like to shorten his title a bit.

Larry Baca


Aug. 26, 2012