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Maybe SSJID can straighten out DC as well
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The comprehensive newspaper coverage of the SSJID plan to replace PG&E power for Manteca and surrounding area communities is splendid. You, Dennis Wyatt, are a brilliant writer who condenses complicated material into concise wording that is understandable to anyone.

 We are all interested in the prospect of better service at reduced cost for our own wallet and the city coffers too. What a delightful change, the possibility of getting more for less and where everyone benefits in the process.

Thank you for your continued “Power Brain Coverage”; I’m loving it and appreciating it. You get my day started in the right direction, “informed.”

P.S. Is the SSJID staff available to straighten out the mess in Washington, D.C.? What a thought!
M. Louise Holmes
Retired secretary
City of Manteca
Public Works & Engineering
Sept. 4, 2009