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Maybe time has come to have armed veterans guard our schools
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Every school, in every city (for the most part ) is designed for easy accessibility. Except for the schools in the combat zones of America, any person whose intentions are to do harm to the school’s occupants, can usually breeze in and out.
That said, as we don’t seem to want to fortify the schools to the point our children can be a bit safer, I have a recommendation that has a lot going for it.
Hire, arm, equip and place at least three veterans in each school. You will have a large pool of resources to choose from and you will probably have a lot of unpaid volunteers to assist those working for special events etc.
Many will complain about a “police state”.  Those complaining have no better ideas and so far, the liberals’ ideas are not working.
Does this work?  I don’t know but if you were to ask Israel and many African countries, they might just point out the stats of their school shootings vs ours.
Gripe all you want, but, nothing else is working.  Give it a try.  Who knows, maybe it will work.

Warren Barth