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Maybe we need part-time legislature
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am one of your avid followers, and I have a suggestion that I would like to see aired for what it’s worth.

Our legislators are sitting on their butts up in Sacramento for almost a full year figuring how to spend more money that we don’t have as well as drawing big salaries and many “PERKS.”  Why not have them paid on a “NEED” basis?  In other words, I don’t believe we are getting our money’s worth presently as all they seem to want to do is draw their salaries, perks and get re-elected.

I do know that Nevada has a part-time legislature and I believe that some other states have the same system.  Sure sounds good to me!   Kick this around, please?

I was born in Modesto (1929), raised in Ripon, retired from LLNL  & also as a CMDR, US Navy.
Robert (Bob) Hansen
May 26, 2009