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Mayor, city manager showed lack of respect
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I attended the last Manteca City Council meeting and was appalled at the lack of respect and attentiveness by both Mayor Willie Weatherford and City Manager Steve Pinkerton. They had smirks on their faces and refused to answer completely relevant questions unless the crowd booed, then they answered with a generic, less than satisfying answers.

The mayor had a pen that clicked and I’m surprised his thumb didn’t cramp from all the clicking he did during the entire meeting. They laughed during people’s questions or concerns and at one point the Mayor had to say, “I’m sorry, what was the question? I didn’t hear it...” because he was too busy clicking his pen and pretending to flip through papers, not paying attention. I hope he uses the pen I so kindly gave him after the meeting.

 And in response to the crowd’s reaction to Joe DeAngelis’ comments-- it was completely justified. You forgot to mention how his comments were totally unfounded. He didn’t do any research on the subject. I believe in the right of free speech, but study before you get up in front of the city council and a crowd that you are in opposition to.

And can someone please bring up the fact that Pinkerton lives in Stockton! He is making decisions and cuts for a city he is not even a member of. And how about (human resources manager) Joe Kriskovich? He didn’t make any cuts in his office. In fact, he changed the title of several female employees in order to avoid layoffs.

I highly recommend you attend the next meeting. You will not be disappointed.

In support of public safety:

Leah Mason
June 10, 2011