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McManis Winery impressed Mantecan
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was not  surprised in any way to read that McManis won a Business Award for sustainability. It is a maxim of business that you must grow your customer base by using good business practices. Though that is not the sustainability the article talks about, it is never the less of top importance. 
My wife and I had dinner one evening at The Canal Street Grill in Ripon and decided to have a bottle of wine. The waiter suggested the McManis cabernet sauvignon and we agreed. We loved it. We asked, and he told us that the winery was a local one so we asked where it is located.  We were happy to find how easy it was to find. So, one day I decided to go there and purchase some of their wines. When I got there I went in to their office and a young lady, Tayna, came and asked how she could help me. I asked the price of their cabernet and of their merlot.  I liked the price so I asked for a case of each. 
I inquired if I could pay with my debit card and Tayna informed me that they were not yet equipped to have customers pay by debit or credit card but that they were happy to take a check.  I went, “Uh oh, I didn’t think I would need my checkbook so I left it at home and did not have enough cash to pay for even one case.”  She said, “No problem, give us your name and address and we will bill you for it.”  I asked if she needed to see my driver’s license or some other form of ID.  She said, “No, that’s OK.”  My jaw must have dropped down to my chest. Who does that these days?  How could she know that I was trustworthy?
Tayna told me to drive my car to the entrance of their warehouse and they would bring the wine to me there. One case was brought out on a pallet and she carried the other by hand and both were loaded into the trunk of my car.  They thanked me and I was on my way. This occurred on a Friday. On Monday I received a statement in the mail which I promptly returned with a check.  Now that is a business that I will support and advertise in the best possible way; by word of mouth. And that is how you win awards and stay in business.

Mike Killingsworth